JayaBet, the Most Complete Trusted Online Gambling Site with 29 Types of Interesting Games

JayaBet, the Most Complete Trusted Online Gambling Site with 29 Types of Interesting Games

JayaBet Trusted Online Gambling Site:

JayaBet is the biggest and most popular online gambling site at the moment. As a trusted gambling site, JayaBet has 29 kinds of games from 5 types of online gambling games

JayaBet, casino software 2020

namely, Sportsbook, Live Casino, Cards Games, Dingdong, and Togel.

JayaBet is intended for those of you who like to play online gambling. because JAYABET you can play any type of online gambling game, starting from the type of card game to the online lottery. For more details about the types of games in JAYABET, the admin will review one by one the games available on JayaBet.

29 Types of Interesting Games in JayaBet – Trusted Online Gambling Site
Minimum Deposit25,000
Bank SupportBCA, BNI, BRI, Mandiri, CIMB, Danamon
Game Type
  • Live Casino (8 types of game)
  • Cards Games (5 types of game)
  • Ding Dong (6 types of game)
  • Togel (9 types of game)
LiveChat Support24 hours (without offline)
Security100% fairplay

Betting for sports matches is not only limited to soccer but there are many other types of sports, as determined by the dealer.

How to play

  1. Left Menu

Game options available in sportsbook.

  1. Time

Time of the current / upcoming match.

  1. Game

The match and the type of competition. The writing of the red team is the team that gives voor and black is the team that gets voor. If both teams are black, then the match market does not / draw.

  1. FT.HDP

Full-Time Handicap contains Full Time Handicap voor information.JayaBet gaming software 2020
The number 0-0.5 means LA Galaxy gives voor 1/4 to Vancouver Whitecaps. If you hold LA Galaxy wins with a final score (1-0, 2-1, 2-0). If the score ends in a draw (0-0, 1-1, 2-2 etc.) then you lose half. If you put Vancouver Whitecaps at least the results of the FT series (0-0, 1-1, etc.) then you will win half of the amount your couple. If the Vancouver Whitecaps final score wins (1-0, 2-1, etc.), then you win in full from the value of your bet.
The number 1.00 is the value of victory if you hold the Vancouver Whitecaps. You hold the Vancouver Whitecaps 100,000, so if you win you will get 100,000 x 1.00 = 100,000, and if you lose only hit according to the number of bets.

The number -1.08 is the tax value if you hold LA Galaxy. If you hold LA Galaxy 100,000 you lose will get 100,000 x 1.08 = 108,000, and if you win you can only match the bet amount.

0-0.5 = fur 1/4
0.5 = fur 1/2
0.5-1 = fur 3/4
1-1.5 = fur 1 1/4
and so on

A market value of minus (-) means that you are taxed / kei from the value of the bet you placed.
If you win then the win is not added with tax / kei. However, if you lose then the calculation is [number of pairs x market value].
When betting on the minus (-) market, you must have the same available amount of funds after adding tax / kei.

Positive market value (+ / normal) bet in accordance with the value of the bet, if you win then the win is [number of pairs x market value].

  1. FT.O / U

Full Time Over Under is an Over Under market based on total goals, regardless of which team wins or loses.
Figure 2.0 is the market for Over Under LA Galaxy vs Vancouver Whitecaps. This means that if you hold Over 2.0, then the total number of goals must be more than 2, which is a minimum of 3 goals (can be 2-1, or 1-2, or 3-1, etc.). If you hold Under 2, then the total number of goals cannot be more than 2, a maximum of only 1 goal (can be 1-0, 0-1 or 0-0). If the total number of goals in the final score is only 2 then your bet ends in a draw, both to hold Over / Under, and your bet will be returned. For the number 1.11 is a bonus value, so if you hold Over 2.0 by 100,000, if you win then you will get 100,000 x 1.11 = 111,000, and if you lose only pay according to your bet or 100,000.

For the number -1.25 is the tax value, so if you hold Under 2.0 of 100,000, if you lose you have to pay 100,000 x 1.25 = 125,000, and if you win only according to the bet amount or 100,000.

  1. FT.1X2

1 × 2, is the odds for guessing win, draw or lose.
1 = Host (home)
2 = Guest (away)
x = Draw
The order in Sportsbook is (1,2, x / Home, Away, Draw).
If you bet on LA Galaxy, you bet 100,000, then you will get 2.27 = 100,000 x 2.27 = 227,000
If you bet on Vancouver Whitecaps, you bet 100,000, then you will get 3.42 = 100,000 x 3.42 = 342,000
If you bet on Draw, You bet 100,000, then you will get 2.88 = 100,000 x 2.88 = 288,000

  1. 1H.HDP

Same as Handicap rules in number 4, only applies to the first round only.

  1. 1H.O / U

Same as the Over / Under regulations in number 5, only it applies to the first round only.

  1. 1H / 1X

Just like the 1 × 2 rule in number 6, only applies to the first round only.



Baccarat is a card game where players compare the value of cards between Banker and Player. The goal is to guess the side that approaches 9. The player also has the option to bet on a tie (tie) if the number of numbers in the Player and Banker are the same. The goal is to guess the side that approaches or reaches the number 9 first.

  • How to Play
    Banker and Player will be divided into 2 cards each. All scores and drawing cards are zero, AS is 1, and all other cards are values according to their numbers. If the card value exceeds 9, then the value is adjusted by subtracting 10 from the total.


This game is better known by the name 21. The goal is to achieve a higher number of cards than the city without exceeding the count of 21.

  • How to play
    Each player will be dealt 2 cards face down and bookie 1 face down. so the city will ask the player to add or not. Player has the right to add cards according to the rules.

Bull bull

Bull Bull is a traditional type of poker card game and is popular in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. The biggest feature of Bull Bull is the rules that are easy to understand.

  • How to Win
    Based on the first card issued to consider the order of dealing / division, Banker, Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, you can bet on Player 1 ~ 3 “Equals” or “Double”, if you bet on one of Player 1, Player 2, Player 3 and each Player’s total points are greater than the Banker’s total points, so you win.
    The following rules are based on the first card (First Card):
  • How to Play The
    game uses 52 cards (not including the Joker). Give 5 cards to each player box in each round of the game. Look for 3 cards that can add up to 10 or multiples of 10. If the remaining 2 cards add up to more than 10, the total must be reduced by 10, then the remaining points are compared with Banker’s points.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon & Tiger game is a card game that compares the value of cards between the side of a dragon and a tiger with the highest score.

  • How to Play
    You can choose “Dragon” or “Tiger” or “Tie (series)”. The banker will deal one card, each to “Dragon” & “Tiger”. To determine each winner, the one (“Dragon” or “Tiger”) who has the highest score will be the winner. If “Dragon” & “Tiger” have the same value, then the game is “TIE” (not dependent on the flower / motif). K is the highest value & A is the lowest value.

Fan Tan

Fantan is a traditional game from China which is played by guessing the final number of buttons taken randomly using a small bowl.
The dealer will randomize the number of buttons that are on the table, then divide them per column with bamboo sticks where one column is 4 buttons. The final remaining number of buttons remaining will be taken as a result of the game.
If the last group has four buttons, the one who bet on “4” wins. If three buttons remain, bet on “3” wins. The same pattern applies to two and one button.


This game uses a ball, spinning on a small round wheel with thirty-seven number slots and the ball will stop at one number. The purpose of Roulette is to predict the right number. The size of the bet depends on the bet placed.

  • How to Play
    If you choose an even or odd number, the number 0 does not include even or odd numbers.
Straight UpAttach to one single number (including zero). Includes 1 number.
Split BetPut on the line between two numbers (including zeros). Includes 2 numbers.
Street BetPut at the end of each number line. Street Bet includes 3 numbers.
Corner BetPut up in the corner where the four numbers meet. Includes 4 numbers.
Line BetInstall at the end of two lines at the intersection.
Covers all numbers in both rows for a total of 6 numbers.
Column BetPut up in one of the boxes marked ‘2 to 1’ at the end of the column includes all the numbers in the column, including 12 numbers. (This zero is not included).
Dozen BetInstalling in one of the three boxes marked ‘1 st 12’, ‘2 nd 12’, or ‘3 rd 12’ includes 12 numbers.
Red / BlackChoose one black or red color from the result of the game includes 18 numbers.
Even / OddChoosing odd or even numbers includes 18 numbers


The game uses 3 pieces of dice and is shaken together. The goal is to guess the outcome of the three dice.

  • How to play
  1. Specific Triplets
    Choose 1 number for triplets to come out on all three dice (not one of the dice).
    Payment of 150 X pairs.
  2. Specific Twins
    Choose 1 number for twins to come out on all three dice (not one of the dice).
    Payment 8X pairs.
  3. Triplets
    Select any number that will come out the same on all three dice.
    Payment 24X pairs.
  4. Specific Total
    Amount of results from 3 Dices is between 4-17.

    1. 4 or 17: Payment 50 X pairs.
    2. 5 or 16: Payment 18 x pairs.
    3. 6 or 15: Payment 14 x pairs.
    4. 7 or 14: Payment 12 X pairs.
    5. 8 or 13: Payment 8 x pairs.
    6. 9 or 12: Payment 6 x pairs.
    7. 10 or 11: Payment 6 X pairs.
  5. Specific 2 Numbers
    Choose 2 dice numbers that will come out of the three dice.
    Payment 5 X pairs.
  6. Specific Numbers
    Choose 1 dice number that will come out of the three dice.

    1. Match 1 dice: 1 X pair.
    2. Match 2 dice: 2 x pairs.
    3. Match 3 dice: 3 X pairs.
  7. Big The
    number of the three dice is 11 to 17. The triple dice is not large.
    Payment 1 X pair.
  8. Small The
    number of the three dice is 4 to 10. The triple dice is not small.
    Payment 1 X pair.

Casino Hold’Em Poker

Casino Hold’Em Poker is a poker game in which players combine cards to beat the bookie card combination. Players bet directly with the dealer or compete directly with the dealer card. Players can also bet on ‘Bonus side bet’ where the calculation of this bonus is based on the poker value of two players’ personal cards and the first three cards that are opened in the middle of the table (flop).

  • How to play
  1. Ante: An initial bet that must be placed in order to participate in the game.
  2. Bonus (Aces or better cards): optional bets that must be placed together with Ante.
  3. Call: Place a bet equal to double Ante, must be placed to receive the last 2 cards. Players must have sufficient funds, otherwise they will ‘Fold’ after the betting time is over.
  4. Fold: give up at the beginning (before the distribution of the fourth card in the middle of the table (“the turn” or “fourth street”)) and bet (ANTE and Bonus) or fail to ‘Call’ when given the opportunity ‘Call’ or ‘Fold’ .


Domino games also known as domino games Qiu Qiu or domino QQ are the most challenging and easy to play traditional card games. before starting to play you need to understand first about how to play Domino Qiu Qiu.

Domino Qiu Qiu is a card game consisting of 28 cards and each has a different value. Dominoes can be played by 2-5 people in each round.
Each player will be dealt four cards that must be combined into 2 pairs of values. The player with the highest combination value is the winner.

This card value can be seen from the sum of 2 cards by taking only the back number. Each player at the game table will be given three cards at the beginning of the round and can bet with each other or raise a bet to take a fourth card.

If you do not take bets made by other players then you will not get a fourth card and be declared folded (not included) in this period of play. In the Domino Qiu Qiu game there are 7 types of card series.


Ceme game is one of the traditional Domino cards. This Ceme game is played using dominoes, with a total of 28 cards in a set of dominoes.

How to Play Ceme

  • In order to start playing the game, a dealer from the player is needed.
  • Each player has the opportunity to become a player or dealer and each player will be distributed 2 dominoes.
  • Each player will be dealt 2 dominoes that will be pitted with the dealer’s card, the calculated value is to take the back number of the total 2 cards dealt.

Ceme Fighter

Ceme Fighter game is one of the traditional Domino cards. This Ceme Fighter game is played using dominoes, the total number of cards in 1 set of dominoes is 28.

  • How to play Ceme Fighter:Basically, the game Ceme Fighter is the same as the game but the difference is that each player will take turns to become a city dealer. Example:
    -In the first period, player A becomes a dealer, then player B becomes a dealer. You as a C player will become a dealer after the Bandar B game period has finished.
    -Player are considered as a dealer if the chip balance is sufficient to become a dealer and if not, the chance to become a dealer will be the next player.

Agile Ball

Agile ball or commonly called the Mickey Mouse Card (MM Card) is a game that pits agility, foresight and the ability of players to read the path of cards issued by the machine to get the highest jackpot prize. The cards that will be issued by the machine are a total of 7 cards. Players will get a prize if they succeed in getting a certain combination of cards, the better the combination of cards obtained, the higher the reward obtained.


The total number of balls (numbers) available in DingDong 36D is 36 balls. With the arrangement of colors (red / black) as seen on the betting panel / ball.
Bet / bet options that can be placed are = small / large, odd / even, red / black, and what number choices come out. Each period of DingDong 36D release only 1 ball (number) is issued. Below is an example of betting panel / betting on DingDong 36D:

  1. First you have to click the chip in the bottom panel to choose what your bet is
  2. Please click / select the bet you want
  3. Your total betting will appear at the bottom of the bet panel
  4. After completing betting, please click the “BET” button so that your bet is submitted / accepted by the system, if you want to cancel please click the “CANCEL” button. (the CANCEL button works where you have not clicked the BET button, if it is already BET / SUBMIT, your bet cannot be canceled)
  5. Group Group which includes 12 numbers at once, the group is divided into 1st, 12th, 12th, 3rd, 12th. Like the example panel picture above.
  6. Line Rows that include 12 numbers horizontally place the chip bettingan.
  7. The Auto Bet button is used to do the same bet for the period you want.
  8. The Re-bet button is used to re-bet according to the previous period. while the Undo button is used to cancel the last chip that has not been submitted / bet.
  9. The camera button is used to activate / deactivate the live streaming feature.
  10. This menu is used to view results, prizes, analysis, enable / disable sound, full screen, information and close the betting panel page.

Guess 4 numbers, 3 numbers and 2 numbers.
Structure: ABCD
For example out: 4321
Means the winner for
4D = 4321
3D = 321
2D = 21

Rule of the game:

  • If you buy outside the number issued, it means you lose and the money is not returned at all.
  • If you buy Rp 100,000 for each number:

4D = 4321
3D = 321
2D = 21

Means your winnings are:
4D = IDR 100,000 x [Winning index for 4D]
3D = IDR 100,000 x [Winning index for 3D]
2D = IDR 100,000 x [Winning index for 2D]
(Note: IDR 100,000 bet value is not returned to members)

That’s all admin reviews about JayaBet along with interesting types of games that can be played on JayaBet, thank you for your visit read more Healthcare software.

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