More and more companies are looking for and hiring Prepare for wordpress developer Post. Working intensely – immediately for 3 years – in WordPress I can help you with useful information that is required from the candidates.

I think a lot of people create a blog on or buy a domain somewhere where they will install WordPress. Then look for some useful plugins, download and activate these plugins and…. you became a programmer in WordPress. Everything okay until this phase, submit a CV to several companies and nobody will contact you (unfortunately the companies do not call the rejected candidates).

Before submitting your CV for such a position, I recommend that you read this article thoroughly.

WORDPRESS Developer – Beginner level

If you are a beginner and apply for a JUNIOR WordPress Developer post then study the following chapters:

Configure Prepare for wordpress developer Post:

It is essential that you download the latest version of WordPress and install it on your local computer or a test server.HOW TO PREPARE FOR A WORDPRESS DEVELOPER POST 2020

In this phase:

  • you have to create a blank database
  • enter the connection data to the MySQL database
  • add write permission to the UPLOADS folder .
  • you create a superadmin

Regarding the topics, the company can ask you:

  • download and install the new theme
  • template modification (added / deleted HTML tags, ids and CSS classes)

It is important to be able to search for the ideal plugin for your site or blog, to activate and configure a plugin.

Eventually, the company may require you to create a simpler plugin that can be achieved with minimal PHP knowledge.

It is normal to know the sections of the administration panel, the most important are:

  • add / edit / delete POST (article)
  • add / edit / delete CATEGORY (category)
  • add / edit / delete PAGE (page)
  • adding / editing / deleting USER with different roles: editor, author, administrator, etc …
  • enable / disable PLUGIN (module)
  • enable / disable THEME (theme)


Minimum knowledge of PHPMYADMIN is required:

  • creation of the database
  • export database (to back up)
  • import the database (to return to the backup)


Configure Apache / MySQL / PHP on LINUX (LAMP) or WINDOWS (WAMP). You must be able to configure the local system yourself.

WORDPRESS Developer – Advanced level

For an advanced programmer the expectations are much higher, but they are not very difficult to learn. If you have a week vacation you can reach an advanced level and over time you can gather experience.


As an advanced programmer you must be able to create a theme from scratch.

The easiest thing is to duplicate an existing theme with the file structure, delete the contents of the files and insert your code Read more INTRODUCTION TO WORDPRESS REST API.

An even better solution is to extend an existing theme and you will only add the changes to the new theme, you just have to keep in mind that the basic theme must also exist.

All topics are included:

  1. the menus, meaning you can create new menus and display them on the site
  2. sidebar, a sidebar contains several widgets


An advanced programmer writes plugins from scratch, from simple plugins to something very complex.

It is an extra point if you have at least one plugin published on before the interview.


The following are required:

  1. adding new fields (eg postal code, city, google plus account, etc …)
  2. creating new roles (eg producer, artist, etc.)
  3. display in the new fields administration panel, filtering by these fields


Widgets are some boxes that you can add in the sidebar, they contain mini-functionalities (eg horoscope, facebook likebox, the latest tweets, the most read articles, etc.).

You must be able to create a new widget, possibly created as a plugin. Thus, after activating the plugin, the widget will be activated.

Custom Post Type:

The default WordPress has 2 types of posts:

  1. POST
  2. PAGE 

Of course in WordPress you have the opportunity to create new types of posts with new fields, eg: 

  1. PRODUCT – product type, may contain the name of the manufacturer, price, stock, etc …
  2. BOOK – book type, may contain the writer’s name, publishing house, publication date, etc …

There is no limit on the number of job types.

Custom taxonomy:

A Taxonomy can be: the kind of film or music, the counties of a country, the countries of a continent, etc …

It is often necessary to define custom taxonomies for CUSTOM POST TYPE.


At CUSTOM POST TYPE I mentioned that you can add new fields. These fields can be grouped into boxes for visual separation. Ex: TAG Metabox.



Starting with version 3.0 in WordPress you can create a single application with multiple sites. The advantage is that you do not have to duplicate the code but very simply you can create as many instances as you want.

Other things to know before applying for a job:

  • Create a WordPress site including all the above titles (custom theme, scratch plugin, etc ..)
  • Post a plugin on
  • Update your CV
  • When applying for a job, send a short presentation about yourself, 2-3 times why he is the ideal candidate for that job.

I want to help you, this information is from my own experience, the list can be improved of Prepare for wordpress developer Post. If you have constructive feedback please leave a comment or Visit our other website e.g. Latest Govt jobs.  



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