What Role do Backlinks Paid in the Natural Positioning strategy For SEO

What Role do Backlinks Paid in the Natural Positioning strategy For SEO 2020 latest

Backlinks Paid in the Positioning strategy For SEO?

Natural, organic or SEO positioning, as we want to call it, is and will continue to be a fundamental instrument for any web platform that wants to see its efforts in dissemination, online presence and authority within its sector or market niche rewarded Role do Backlinks Paid.

More and more are the comments of the type “SEO is dead”, “Google is finishing with organic positioning”, “SEO is no longer what it was”, …. and to the latter, I would add that it is no longer what it was, if not much more important and technically more elaborate.

To think that we are covered with a keyword strategy, some content marketing and praying that Google takes us into account in its rankings, is a mistake Read more about Neobux Investment Strategy.

As with everything, and when I say everything, it is everything, there are those who innovate, those who conform and purists, those who need to let 3 years pass to recognize that Jimi What Role do Backlinks Paid in the Natural Positioning strategy For SEO new strategy 2020Hendrix reinvented the concept of rock. SEO purists, that are and many, continue to think that linkbuilding is a technique at least doubtful “moral”, warning that whoever uses their time or resources in linkbuilding strategies is wasting time, wasting their money and, what more importantly, it is one step away from being penalized by Google. How true is this? Are we risking the positioning of our website in the medium term by working on Role do Backlinks Paid, building?

How do you see, identify and classify Google the links that lead to our website?

Well, to this question, unfortunately we do not have a 100% accurate answer to anyone who does not work in the Google Department of Antispam, with Matt Cutts as conductor. What we do know, besides the mouth of the sheriff antispam, is that the Role do Backlinks Paid, have been, are and will be a fundamental piece when evaluating and classifying the urls that our sitemaps want to index Google.

In one of his latest videos Matt Cutts pointed out that they would have to completely rewrite their classification algorithms to be able to dispense with the links that point to our website, something that for now seems quite unlikely to happen, more taking into account that the vast majority of Websites have a lot of links to follow, some bad, some good, and some excellent. Now, according to our colleagues at Moz.com,

This Friday they published a post that only confirms what we have been recommending for a long time. Google knows the importance of tuning with its algorithms to offer the best results and, therefore, does not cease its efforts to provide maximum naturalness to its algorithms. How?

  1. Google understands that finding links on websites that point to a content of your website is the result of the quality of the information you have published, so it is appropriate to take into account the external citations that point to your website.
  2. Google values ​​the domain where the link comes from, for which it takes into account about 125 direct factors that make this website considered quality or not. It is what we know as Page Rank. It should be noted that, although it is still a fundamental indicator when assessing the quality of the websites where we have our Role do Backlinks Paid, it is not the only one read more Best Article of SEO Learning Resources for Students 2020.
  3. Google, and here I have to speak from my own experience, YES takes into account the noise that is made in social networks. From Silicon Valley they tell us no, that they cannot weigh social interactions.

And I say, if Google can’t, who is trained apart from the NSA? And, a few months ago we launched a marketing tool with which we explicitly tried to skip the good practices recommended by Google (we did not do crazy things like infest of harmful links the web; in fact, we have not followed a linkbuiding strategy to this project).

Nor did our heads generate content for the blog; Moreover, I think I should start writing about some changes that are happening on Facebook … … the fact is that without doing anything, only and exclusively promote the dissemination on Twitter and Facebook,

What are we doing well, even without knowing it?

The anchor text, we are sure. And so far we have not used a single keyword to Role do Backlinks Paid, to our website. When reading the moz.com post last Friday I confirmed what I thought; that Google has neglected the severity with which a robot can evaluate the work done on a website and has given way to common sense, to work with jargon.

Because, how many times we have not addressed a friend to recommend a store, for example t-shirts, and we have referred to it as “the store that the Nano set up, but the one that studied with us in the institute”.

Well, to that kind of affirmations I mean and, as a demonstration that this is so, Google implemented its network of algorithms creating the Humminbird, an algorithm that facilitates and takes into account searches made from a mobile device, voice searches,

The anchor text and Google, what strategy should you follow so that Google does not punish you?

Well, after what we have been doing so far, it is clear that anchor text should be as Google expects: normal and current terms, without dyes or preservatives. Google knows the quality of a website where a Role do Backlinks Paid, to our website is found before we are able to publish on that website, so it is not necessary, it is more advisable to remove the keywords we have been crushing from our linkbuilding strategy in our posts and content of our website for months and even years read more about What is flash in web designing & how flash is useful in web designing.

A few weeks ago, we published a post where we referred to the need to write the content of our blog in an understandable way, both for our readers and for Google, because neither Google likes to talk to us as if it were a simple robot or Users want to read an article where they feel like Cherokee Indians in the Far West.

After reviewing a bit on what Google is relying on to evaluate our links, we can make a brief summary of what there is and what not to do:

Strategy of full linkbuilding:

So, if you do not want Google to send you to the well of the forgotten, propose a strategy of full linkbuilding, with common sense, where your priority is to get links from high reputation sites (eye, I do not only refer to sites with high Page Rank), that your Role do Backlinks Paid, are in places where the predominant language is the same as yours, come from articles whose content provides valuable and didactic information, and that these articles that refer to you are hosted on a website that belongs or shares your theme.

Do not talk about your organic egg farm in a fashion blog, because Google will not see the relationship that may exist between your eggs and the shorts that will be taken this spring … … and if you see a relationship, possibly index your website under some SERP of the type “work clothes for farms”, at best.


  1. […] Google has announced in recent years profound changes in its algorithm , warning users of the danger of betting solely on the generation of Linkbuilding and High Performance. We don’t need Matt Cutts to come and tell us that the abuse of backlinks is harmful. Common sense warns us that any technique that involves an unnatural process is penalizable. In fact, we just have to remember the blow in the SERP’s that gave a multitude of platforms due to the over- optimization of the contents , including keywords without mercy and banalizing the lexical concordance of the texts read more about What Role do Backlinks Paid in the Natural Positioning strategy For SEO. […]


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