Are you interested in how you could improve your Experience as a developer ?

In any field, but also in daily life, more important than quantity will always be quality. And this is also true for Experience as a developer. Because besides the experience you have, it is very important to carry out your work in the most efficient way.

This is why it is important to always try to develop your knowledge and working methods, a good example in this regard can be the guild colleagues. It is known about Experience as a developer , that each of them has their own style of accomplishing tasks.

You can talk to several colleagues to see why they choose that mode, and then all use them as sources of inspiration to improve your experience and work style.

Good to know! It is advisable to dedicate an hour / two each day to improve your experience and style of work as a web programmer, from which you make a habit; and not just something that is temporary.

Productivity in work is an investment, in which you may not see results from the beginning, or even on the contrary, in the long term the results will definitely appear.

Read any technical educational material available in your company;

Most companies, regardless of their size, have certain materials or special laboratories so that Experience as a developer and not only, can develop their knowledge. All you have to do is just take advantage of these opportunities!

For example, Google has a great variety in coding labs. In these laboratories, one learns the best practices taken from veteran engineers based on decades of experience. They have a plus, they are available in several languages, so they can be accessed by a large community of technical people.

Study the code written by the best engineers in the company and try to understand the choices made and how they are implemented

The best examples to see how to improve your experience as a web programmer and how to write the best code are the veteran engineers in the company you work for.

Even though things in IT are always evolving , they, with decades of experience, have met a wide variety of clients’ cases and needs. Moreover, in their turn, they went through the period when they were trying to figure out how to improve their knowledge and productivity.

Start by studying the code you have written before, or which one is more familiar to you, and ask yourself how you would write the code for certain parts. Thus, this experience can help you learn from their examples. read more, PROGRAMS FOR WEB DEVELOPMENT TOP- 9

Be master of the programming languages ​​you use Experience as a developer ;

One of the best ways to improve your knowledge and ultimately to be as productive as possible is to master the programming languages ​​you use.

Read a book or two about programming languages ​​to develop a better understanding of them and focus on them. It is not necessary to be a foil stack developer , but the information you know, develop to a master level.

Good to know! Improving your knowledge and Experience as a developer is a continuous process, which is why it is recommended that you build a list of technical books to read.

Send your code to the analysis of the most critical Experience as a developer ;

We all have some reluctance when it comes to criticism of our work, but it is a great way to improve your knowledge and work more effectively.

The criticism should not be received nor offered as a dispute, but as a constructive aspect. You can ask for more details on the analysis you receive, to make sure you understand exactly what should and should not be done.


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